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Compass Media is the First Bitrix24 Gold Partner in Singapore Since 2008

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Join The Growing Bitrix24 Singapore Users Today And Boost Your Company Productivity!

We service our Singapore Bitrix24 customers who are from SME, MNC, Government, Non-Profit Organisation and University. With over 10 years of Bitrix experience in full Bitrix24 implementation for over 5,000 Bitrix users in Singapore, we provide you the confidence of expertise and support in Bitrix24 for your company and organisation.

In this COVID-19 pandemic period, you need a ready-made business system that you can quickly deploy for your staff and empower them to work from home safely. With Bitrix24, your team can start working from home and yet connect to each other to collaborate effectively and get things done faster and efficiently. Your business processes can be automated in Bitrix24 to save you time and work smarter than ever before. With over 35 business tools, there is no better connected system to help you grow your company even in this time of business difficulty.

10 Years Bitrix Partner
Full Services
>5,000 Users

Our Bitrix24 Customers

With over 5,000 Bitrix24 Users, we provide you full services in Bitrix24.

Customers’ Testimonials

We replaced our Sharepoint system with Bitrix24 in 2013 due to Bitrix24 ease of use, lower cost of ownership and fast customisations. We are pleased with its performance and features.
We adopted Bitrix24 for our fast growing group of companies across Asia and Singapore. We use Bitrix24 to implement custom business workflows according to our needs and handle all our internal communications and projects easily.
We deployed Bitrix24 CRM to help us quickly keep track of all our leads and customers in one platform. It was easy to customise Bitrix to fit our business without taking months of development time.

Take Control of Your Company Productivity

Many companies thought they never need a Company Intranet, a CRM, a Project Management System, HR Management System until things get more and more difficult to manage. It is time now to fix this problem. With Bitrix24, you are ready TODAY as it offers off-the-shelf READY TO USE features, fast deployment and instant benefits!

Why spend so much time evaluating systems? Time lost, productivity lost. With Bitrix24, you can just sign up the Free Plan and start using Bitrix24 TODAY. Easily upgrade to the paid plans and get even more benefits, like unlimited Bitrix24 Users and unlimited storage space.

Once you start using Birix24, you will never go back to the old ways of doing things. Contact us for a free consultation.